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Horse Bill of Sale Form

The Horse Bill Sale Form is a legal document that is used to transfer ownership of a horse or other animal belonging to the equine family.

When buying or selling a horse, this Form is designed to document the terms and conditions of the transaction and to protect your rights.

In addition, this document acts as a sales receipt. Therefore, it is necessary to include the correct information as to name of the animal, breed, date of birth, registration number, and price paid by the Buyer.

Using our Horse Bill Sale Form will help both the seller and buyer avoid potential misunderstandings and problems in the future. If after the sale, a dispute or misunderstanding does takes place, this document provides clarification or evidence of both parties intentions.

Our Horse Bill Sale Forms are legal for each state. They include all necessary information that each state requires including:

Coggins Test

Seller warrants that the horse received a negative Coggins Test.

Lawyer Prepared – Horse Bill of Sale Form

These are the important provisions included within our Lawyer prepared packet:

  • Consideration Paid: This provision states the amount paid for the horse and also can be used by the buyer to prove that valuable consideration was paid.
  • Name and address of Seller and Buyer: Locates and identifies the parties to this sale in the event of a dispute.
  • Horse Identification: Name, breed, date of birth, color, sex, registration number (if applicable).
  • Coggins test information. Equine Infectious Anemia, or commonly referred to as Coggins test is Federally and State regulated.
  • Registration and Ownership Transfers: Sets forth the obligations of the seller after receiving payment.
  • Seller’s Covenants: Seller represents that he/she is the true owner of the horse and has the right to sell the horse, and the horse is free from any lien or other encumbrance.
  • Warranties: This form also provides the option of selling the horse with or without an express warranty.
Detailed Instructions

"Keeping it simple" is important and that is why we include detailed instructions that guide you through each provision, so you easily understand the terms of your legal document. A checklist is also provided so you don’t miss anything.